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Midseason 35” (89cm)Sdlg. P211D: Sirocco Mist X Dinner Talk' >
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WICKED GOOD (Black '12) It is wicked only in that the color conjures up images of something a bit sinister. Heavily ruffled. Icy blue standards are infused dark blue violet up midribs. Velvety black-purple falls are banded light red violet with a black-purple wire rim. Garden visitors are drawn to its dramatic and captivating color. Unique. Growth is strong and durable. Stalks are variable with 2 or 3 branches having 5-7 buds. A pink and purple sibling will be introduced next year.
Midseason 35” (89cm)Sdlg. P211D: Sirocco Mist X Dinner Talk
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