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SOMEWHAT FANCY (Blyth ‘19) TB M 36 Well-loved since its maiden bloom. The standards are soft pastel lilac with a pink tinge throughout and a deepening at the midribs with a peach blush. The falls are soft coppery tan, deepening at the hafts and set off with a neat ¼” edge of the standard color. Beards are a striking lightly burnt tangerine. Plenty of show stems. Not a fast increaser but a good easy grower and it is fertile giving fun seedlings. (T197-2: Stay Stylish Sib X (T201-1: (Alpine Harmony sib x (I’m Dreaming sib x Platinum Class Sib)) x Adoree) x (Wicked Woman x Popstar) x (Wedding Belle x Starring))) Sdlg No. V282-1
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