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QUEEN MUM (Black ‘19) MTB Midseason-Late 24” (61cm) She’s all peaches and cream. Lightly ruffled blooms have mid pink standards, pastel peach styles and falls with big orange beards. Show stalks have 3 branches and 8-10 buds. Super vigorous clumps are filled to the max with stalks and yet there is plenty of increase left. Sdlg. X185B: U79A: (Grace and Charm x S222A: (Q103A: ((Royal Ovation x ((Abridged Version x ((Centerfold x Wings Of Dreams) x Birthday Gift)) x (Autumn Blush x (Tweety Bird x ((Apricot Elf x Pet) x ((Caesura x (Betsy Boo x (Antique Satin x Encanto))) x (Gigglepot x Oriental Blush))))))) x ((Northern Jewel x Dolce) x Unknown)) x Sun Spirit)) X O210B, Always Lovely sib
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