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PHOTO SHOOT (Thomas Johnson ’19) TB Midseason-Late 36” (91cm) A super clean and sharp pattern really makes PHOTO SHOOT stand out with its pristine white ground and precise blue to violet dotting around both the standards and falls. A dark violet black bar across the hafts and deep purple style arms add to the drama. Even the beards add a bit of mystery being yellow in the throat then becoming lighter with violet tips. Super nice ruffled form completes the package. Not just another purple plicata! Sdlg. TH156B: ((TE11A: Circle of Light x TC343A: Sib. to Hysteria x Danger Money)) X TD314ZZ: (Blyth O211-A: Ostentatious x (G48-5: Burst x Epicenter)) x Ring Around Rosie x Blyth R41-6: Sib. to Stay Stylish Pollen Parent.
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