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SHOCKAHOLIC (T. Johnson ’20) TB Early 30” (76cm). Light pink standards are overlaid light orange and have deeper orange veins in center and peach band. Falls are a rich deep burnt orange with fully saturated tangerine beards. I wish the branching was a bit wider and the stems a bit taller but the color is dynamite, simply nothing like it!! Always stops visitors to the garden in their tracks! Sdlg TI249A HANDFUL OF MAGIC X Blyth W75-1:(T201-1: (R89-2: (N245-3: ALPINE HARMONY SIB) x (O228-4: (L133-7: I’M DREAMING) x L304-1: PLATINUM CLASS SIB)) x (R38-1: (P109-1: WICKED WOMAN x POPSTAR) x (P20-1: WEDDING BELLE x STARRING))) X ?)
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