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We have reached our order cut-off date for 2020.  The website has been disabled so you can no longer order for 2020.  Thank you to everyone for your orders and continued support of Mid-America Garden.  Orders will continue to ship until they are all out.  We are hoping to ship all of the orders left August 17th.  For those of you have asked about a sale, yes, it appears we will indeed be running a sale on surplus and stock that we are discontinuing.  If you are a current customer you will receive an email in the next few days with the list and instructions for ordering.  Please make sure to watch your spam folders for the email.  I will post on this page and on facebook once the sales list is available.  We are sorry but the sale is only open to domestic customers, no foregin sales.  
Thomas  Johnson
Mid-America Garden

Updated August 11, 2020 6:00AM pacific time.

Mid America catalogue 2020 web.pdf (Fast Download)

Mid America catalogue 2020.pdf (Slow Download)

Mid America catalog order form 2020.pdf
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