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MARGIN TRADER. (Blyth ‘20) TB L 34” (86cm) A delightful amoena plicata. Pure white standards and falls are white with a very precise ¼” stitched edge of lavender blue; deeper violet hafts and even deeper veining beside the golden yellow beards. Ruffled and fluted petals. Show stems and a strong fragrance. Sdlg No. X268-A. (U356-1: (O211-A: (L94-1: Ostentatious x (G48-5: Burst x Epicenter)) x L266-1: (G48-5: Burst x Epicenter) x Zestful Miss)) x (S261-1: Another Woman x (O228-4: (L133-7: I’m Dreaming sib) x (L304-1: Platinum Class sib))) X (V149-1: Devil by Night sib)
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